We Are Building Friendship Place!


We are excited to announce, that after a rigorous application process, the MCH Foundation has been awarded a generous grant from the Mother Cabrini Health Foundation to help us build on our tradition of excellence in supporting our diverse community.


When the grant was announced, our leadership realized that this would be a one-time opportunity to dream: What do we want for our loved ones? What might be possible? What can we create? We seized this grant as an opportunity to elevate our care and support of people living with cognitive changes related to dementia. We feel that this endeavor will have a positive and lasting impact on the entire MCH community.  Our first step on this journey will focus on our Friendship 1 West unit, which will now be called “Friendship Place.”  Our goal is to not only ensure that our residents feel valued and able to live meaningful lives, but to also create a community that rejuvenates and supports all of our team members dedicated to this population.


The grant funding gifts us the chance to hear from our residents, their loved ones, our staff and other community members to imagine a shared future. There will be ample opportunity for all who would like to participate, to be deeply involved in the process. The vision we create together for Friendship Place will start a transformative movement that will spread throughout all of MCH. As a result of the pandemic, we have been able to grow in our creativity and flexibility in how we plan out the main components of this project:


  • Education

  • Operational Culture Change

  • Physical Renovations


We are thrilled to have the support of a team of internationally-renowned experts in the field, who will be working closely in collaboration with everyone:


  • Dr. Allen Power, Rochester-based geriatrician, award-winning author, and international educator on innovative approaches to dementia and long-term care.

  • Daniella Greenwood, from Melbourne, Australia, a consultant specializing in implementing human rights-based and relational approaches in long-term care, and creator of an award-winning and internationally-acclaimed consistent staffing model.

  • Dr. Emi Kiyota, from Washington DC, an environmental gerontologist, founder of the non-profit Ibasho, and an expert on designing meaningful and enabling places for people of all ages and abilities.


Over the next 9 months, this team will be meeting with us, both online and in person, to hear our stories and experiences, and to better understand our visions for an ideal future for MCH. Dr. Power and his colleagues are excited and energized at the opportunity to work with MCH in this landmark venture. If you have any questions or ideas — no idea is too small or outlandish — please reach out to us!!


On-Site Project Manager: Heather M. Burroughs, MCH Therapeutic Program Coordinator

(o): 760-6128, (e): HeatherBurroughs@monroehosp.org[HB1] 

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