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Frequently asked questions

Is it true that if I’ve tested positive for COVID-19 previously that I will be exempt from additional testing?

Yes. If you have had a previous positive COVID-19 test, you will not have to test again each week. You will need to provide proof to Employee Health of a previous positive test if they do not already have one on file.

What testing site do I have to use?

There is no required testing location. Please use what is convenient for you. This can be a walk in clinic, drive up testing site, doctor’s office, urgent care, et

Is it true that if you have the antibody test that you don’t have to be tested again?

This is true ONLY if you test positive for the antibodies. If you do NOT test positive for the antibodies, then you will still be required to test per the requirement. If you do have this test and it shows you are positive for the antibodies, you will need to provide proof of this to Employee Health.

How often do I have to be tested?

If you work 3 days or less per week (Saturday to Friday), you will need to be tested once per week. If you work more than 3 days per week, you will need to be tested twice per week

What type of test do I need to have?

The Executive Order does not specify what type of test it needs to be. The only requirement is that it tells you whether you are positive or negative/not detected for COVID-1

Why can’t we offer the test at MCH?

We have about 850 internal employees, so we would need to test approximately 1600 times per week. We do not currently have the staffing nor the resources to complete onsite testing at this time for this volume of individuals.

Will I get paid for the time it takes to get tested?

Yes, MCH will pay for the time spent for an employee to be tested. We ask that all staff make an effort to schedule their tests outside of their standard work time. We realize that this may not always be practical or even available. Our residents deserve the highest quality care we can provide, and if many staff are gone throughout a shift, it could have negative consequences on our residents.

If I am on vacation for a week, do I have to get tested during that week?

Depending on your vacation dates, you may not need to be tested or you may have fewer test to complete each week. Example 1: I work Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday but take vacation Thursday and Friday. I only worked 3 days that week so I only need to be tested once. Example 2: I normally work Monday through Friday but take Friday off. I worked 4 days that week and still need to be tested twice.

If I am a per diem staff and there is a week where I will not work, do I still need to be tested during that week?

No, you need to be tested for the time you are at MCH during the week.

How do I log my results?

Visit to log your test dates and results.

What if I refuse?

Per the Executive Order and guidance, employees that refuse to be tested will be treated as though they have an incomplete health assessment and will not be allowed to work at the Facility.