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Making Breakthroughs Everyday

There have been many success stories at Monroe Community Hospital. We would like to share a few testimonials from family members, residents and patients who have been cared for by the dedicated and dedicated staff at MCH.

Mark's Story

Mark is one of the most recent success stories at MCH. Mark came to MCH after contracting COVID-19 on a visit to the west coast which left him hospitalized and in a medically induced coma. He was originally admitted to our Ventilator Unit. Although doctors in California had told him he would always be on a ventilator and would likely never walk again, Mark is scheduled for discharge home this month! You can read Mark's story below and watch a short video clip that shows where he is today. As Mark wrote in his letter, "I think a video is worth two thousand words!" 


Meet Keina

Keina was another patient in our Rehabilitation Unit who has since been discharged home and is now with her family. When Keina was first admitted to our Rehabilition Unit, she was a 36-year old mother of two daughters. Shortly after giving birth to her youngest daughter, Keina suffered a stroke after some postpartum complications caused a dramatic spike in her blood pressure. When she came to MCH, she was unable to speak, walk, or care for herself. The video below shows a part of her journey while at MCH!

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