Volunteer Opportunities

There are a wide variety of volunteer opportunities available to the community here at MCH. Each experience allows you to share your unique talents with others and participate in something special. We are willing to work with you to find opportunities that are enjoyable and that fit well with your schedule. Whatever your interests may be, you can help enrich the lives of the people who reside at MCH. Here are just a few of the many opportunities for volunteers: 


Gift Shop/Thrift Shop 
Assist customers with their purchases in the hospital's full-service Gift Shop or the MCH Thrift Shop selling clothing and household items. 


Visitation Programs 
Visit patients and residents on a social basis, write letters, read with them, or assist during meal times; Accompany patient and residents outdoors during beautiful weather. 


Musical Accompaniment 

Provide piano, guitar, or other instrumental accompaniment during group singing and special musical programs. 


Pastoral Care Programs 

Help transport residents in their wheelchairs to and from religious services and activities, or provide musical accompaniment during the services. 


Support Services 

Help provide clerical, computer, or transportation assistance (pushing patients in wheelchairs) where needed throughout the hospital. 


Hair Salon 
Assist with setting up appointments and answering telephones in our residents' Hair Salon. 


Recreation Programs 
Participate in social activities such as bingo, crafts, picnics, musical events, games, and day trips. 


In-House Transporting 

Assist in transporting residents in wheelchairs to and from events, the Hair Salon, or daily activities.  

The Benefits of Volunteering 
Personal fulfillment, new friendships, and exciting learning experiences await you as a volunteer at MCH. You'll be provided with free meals, free parking, experiences for your resume, personal references, and recognition. Most of all, you'll have the satisfaction of knowing you made life better for someone else. 


How to Become a Volunteer 
We invite you to join us as a volunteer at MCH and share in the pleasures and rewards of being a member of our community. We are always looking for caring people to volunteer. We welcome individuals of all ages, 16 years and older. If you or your organization is interested in learning more about volunteering at MCH, please contact our Volunteer Services Department at MCHVolunteer@monroehosp.org or call us at (585) 760-6151.