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Certified Nursing Assistant Trainee Program


In partnership with Monroe Community College, we offer a paid 12-week Certified Nursing Assistant training program. The program pays you while you learn, providing classroom training at MCC, clinical training at MCH, and state certification testing at MCH. Upon successful completion of the program, individuals will transition to full-time employment!


When applying for the CNA training program, please follow these steps:

  1. To apply for the CNA TRAINING PROGRAM, click here to download and print the application.

  2. Submit your completed application by dropping it off at the Front Desk at the main entrance of Monroe Community Hospital, 435 East Henrietta Road, Rochester, NY 14620. (At this time, there is no online submission of applications.)

  3. After your application is received, MCH will contact you to schedule an interview.

  4. Following your interview, official acceptance into the program is contingent upon candidates passing a physical, drug screening, background check and fingerprinting appointment. (This process can take 4-6 weeks)

  5. Each applicant must attend a workshop with Monroe Community College. Click here to register for an upcoming workshop.

  6. Following these steps, candidates will then be scheduled to attend a pre-employment appointment with Monroe Community Hospital. Your class starting date will be provided at this time!


  • Classroom training on the MCC Campus

  • Clinical Training at Monroe Community Hospital

  • State Testing on MCC Campus

  • 12-Week PAID Traineeship

  • After successful completion of the traineeship, transition to a FULL-TIME CNA job.

  • Candidates must successfully pass a Criminal History Record Check, Drug Test, and Physical to be eligible for this program!

  • One-year employment commitment


For more information, please contact MCH Human Resources at 760-6226




As a public employee, Monroe Community Hospital provides employees with access to options
not available at private or nonprofit employers. Benefits include:​

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