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Public Information

As a result of NYS legislation enacted in 2021, nursing homes are required to post a variety of information to their website, in order to make it publicly accessible. That information includes maximum rates to be charged for residency and services, which is listed below:

Monroe Community Hospital regularly enters into contracts with vendors for goods and services in the normal operation of the facility.  Our largest expenditures are with vendors who provide medical and physician services, medical supplies, food, dietary services, and environmental services. For further information please contact Stacy Harvey, Patient Accounting Manager at or call Stacy at (585) 760 – 6624. Monroe County professional services contracts, including for Monroe Community Hospital, are accessible through the County’s Contract Search database available here.

Monroe Community Hospital is owned and operated by the County of Monroe, which also owns the grounds and facilities of MCH.

The daily room rates for skilled nursing effective February 1, 2024 are as follows:


Long Term Care Semi-Private Room    $520

Long Term Care Private Room              $575

Rehabilitation Private Room                 $710

Ventilator Semi-Private Room               $945

Ventilator Private Room                         $1,025

Pediatric Semi-Private Room                 $1,210

Pediatric Private Room                           $1,365

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