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Charter for Monroe Community Hospital’s
Diversity Equity & Inclusion Committee


In response to Monroe County’s focus on diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) efforts throughout all its departments, MCH has established a DEI committee who act on behalf of the organization to launch and support its own internal DEI process. The committee is a critical driver in establishing a dedicated focus on DEI priorities, fostering organizational change, and promoting DEI initiatives. The committee will work closely with senior leadership to ensure alignment with the organization’s overall DEI commitment and goals.  

The committee is charged with researching, developing, and proposing mechanisms that will help create a supportive, positive, and inclusive work environment for all staff at MCH. We will work hard to ensure that everyone is empowered to do their best and are given the resources to do so regardless of their social, economic, or cultural differences.


To foster a community where everyone is valued, the importance of their work and contributions are recognized – and to create a sense of connection with each other, with those who reside here, and with the goals and objectives of Monroe Community Hospital.


  • Identify, lead and facilitate DEI initiatives within MCH.

  • Advocate for, coordinate, and inform MCH employees of all DEI goals, efforts and successes.

  • Create an environment at MCH that is welcoming to all cultural backgrounds and committed to the continued growth and success of all of its employees.

  • Provide thoughts and feedback on issues of culture, social climate, and DEI in the workplace, including recommendations regarding short and long-term strategies to meet the organization’s workforce needs.  

  • Ensure that MCH employees have resources available to support their professional development and to assist them in reaching their full potential.

  • Increase access to existing promotional opportunities and career pathways for MCH's diverse staff, focusing on inclusion as a criterion when filling positions at all levels throughout the organization.

  • Formulate recommendations for the development of new policies and initiatives to support DEI, or modification of policies and practices that may be negatively impacting those efforts.



The committee will meet bi-monthly for 90 minutes on a designated day of the month, and hold additional meetings as needed depending on scope of activity/events/etc. The committee will develop sub committees to guide its overall work and accomplish its objectives, and wherever possible, will engage and encourage people throughout the MCH community to guide the implementation of its DEI goals.

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